Saturday, May 14, 2011


This feels so surreal right now.  After scrambling around the last several weeks, and especially the last few days, working to finalize every last detail, here we sit at the last airport in the US waiting to embark on our international adventure.  In a short while, we will arrive at our first destination, London.

As Matthew and I stood at the Colorado Springs airport we were just overwhelmed with all the emotions going on at once - excitement and anticipation of what is to come, nervous and fearful of the unknown, sadness to say farewell to our loved ones, and a deep deep sense of peace and thankfulness.  Already since those last few hours have passed have I begun to feel the eyes of my heart open to the beauty of life around me.  I can't remember ever feeling so much like smiling and choking back tears at the same time.

There was a family standing at the gate of our departure holding up welcome signs for their father coming home from deployment.  The mom stood poised with her camera to capture the face of her husband when the two children ran and hugged him followed by his eyes meeting those of his newborn baby for the first time.  The kids ran toward him screaming "Daddy Daddy!" and jumped into his arms.  Then, he caught a glimpse of the newborn and time seemed to pause for a moment as he stared in amazement.  The family then embraced in a long, meaningful hug while all the onlookers smiled, many with tears flowing.  Matthew and I smiled at each other with tears in our own eyes as what we had witnessed tipped our already brimming emotions over the edge.  Beauty.  All around us.

My life gets so full and busy as I focus on myself all too often.  I am so looking forward to slowing down and watching life happen around me.  My goal is to be a blessing to those God brings across my path.  I don't even know how to anticipate what is to come.  But I sit in wonder as I know that neither Matthew nor I will ever be the same again.

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  1. thanks moni! i look with great anticipation to everything that happens..i appreciate that we are able to be a part of your great adventure with God the Father! this is both are awesome..keep the posts coming!! we will live vicariously through all your wonderful adventures!!