Monday, July 11, 2011

No Spanish people in Spain

Matthew and I did not meet any Spanish people in Spain.  If you remember from previous blog posts, Spain was a destination that we added after our trip had begun because my aunt from the UK offered that we stay at her house there.  After finding a cheap flight on Ryan Air, we confirmed this new addition to the itinerary.  The plan was to go, meet my aunt's friends, hang out at the pool and the beach, read books, and rest.  It's a rough life, I know.

By the way, for those that have never flown Ryan Air before, it is an experience!  In our experience, once people check in they stand in line at the gate well before the plan even arrives since there are no seat assignments.  Everyone waits in line until they board you on buses that drive across the tarmac to the plane where everyone hops out and runs to get on board so they can grab a good seat.  Like I said, it's an experience!  It's not nearly as much of a rush to get off the plane because most people have their luggage carried on.  Seems to be the opposite in the U.S.  Although they do still open their seatbelts a few seconds before the light actually goes off.  Cracks me up that those few seconds are so important.

Anyway, back to aunt's house is beautiful and comfortable.  Her friends, also UK residents who vacation in Spain, were very kind and helpful.  They fed us, drove us around, took us to a local theater production, and took me to the market while Matthew played golf in a tournament with another of my aunt's friends.  This is why we didn't meet any Spanish people in Spain - we were surrounded by people vacationing there, mostly from the UK, which ended up being a restful, relaxing time.  We will have to return again to truly explore Spain another day.

Next destination, Italy including Pisa, the Cinque Terre, Florence, Venice, and Rome...

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